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First night and morning

The tents went up....special mentions have to go to Paul Tripp, Ian Gibson and Dans S & H for the epic raising of the camp...including putting up the marquee twice after a gust of wind caught and flipped it!

Everyone arrived safely and happily (except Whit who we'll see today!) Sleeping bags were laid out, mattresses inflated and then after a little welcome meeting we enjoyed the Hog Roast/best vege burger 🍔 ever.

The evening worship was loud and had the whole group jumping (even those over 40).

Afterwards some headed bedwards (after brushing teeth of course) and others to the late night worship. Once the late worshippers had finished and been guided home by the illuminated Saltire windsock flying over our village (pictures to follow) the camp fell quiet with only the odd sounds of a goose (according to Jess) and one interupption when a little boy came back from the loo to the wrong village and was a bit confused that the colour of his tent had changed. Lucy directed him home!

Everyone woke after varying degrees of sleep but happy and healthy and after a breakfast of cereal and eggy bread we're playing cards and waiting for the morning worship.

This is the life!

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