Cancellations made 15 days or more from date of hire will have the balance of payment refunded (less the £20 non-refundable deposit). Cancellations made 14 days or less from date of hire will not receive any refunds.

It is your responsibility to arrange to pick up the key to the hall.  Please contact the Hall Booking Officer one week prior to your hire to arrange a time to pickup the key. No one will meet you on the day of hire to open up the hall.

Do not leave your contact until 1-2 days before your event.
There is a high likelihood the Hall Booking Officer will not be at home or contactable and you may find yourself without access to the hall. A £20 key deposit (either cash or cheque) is required when picking up the key and will be refunded on the key’s return to the Hall Booking Officer.

Condition of Hall
The hall should be left in the condition in which you would like to receive it, including:

  1. Kitchen cleaned
  2. Windows closed and doors locked
  3. Lights turned off
  4. Taps turned off (including all toilets)
  5. Bins emptied
  6. Floors swept
  7. Chairs & tables neatly stacked or arranged
  8. Tables wiped
  9. Toilets tidy

All the hall rubbish bins, including the kitchen & toilets are to be emptied and the rubbish taken away with you at the end of your hire.  Please don’t leave your rubbish in the skip in the car park.

The times you have booked should include sufficient time to set up for your event and to clean up afterwards. At times the hall is heavily booked and groups that don’t stick to their times impact everyone.

If you feel you need more time, please contact the Hall Booking Officer.

The hall is not a commercially run event venue. As a result there is no-one on call during the period of your hire and we cannot come to your aid.

Should any problems arise please attempt to work around the issue and then notify the Verger of the problem.

If you cannot work around the problem then please abandon your booking and notify the Hall Bookings Officer. You will be issued a refund.

You will be asked to sign and return a form containing the following requirements when you confirm your booking.

In the interests of all Hall and Church users, and to meet the terms of insurance cover, you are respectfully requested to note and abide by the following terms and conditions.

  1. Access to and from the hall is to be by the paved footpaths and wheelchair ramp. Please keep off of the gravestones, flowerbeds, boundary and adjacent walls and fences.
  2. Hall tenants may only make use of the church grounds with the express permission of the Hall Administrator.
  3. The car park at the rear of the hall may be used for loading and unloading only.  Use of the carpark is not included in the hire of the hall. Use of this area can be granted only with the express permission from the Hall Administrator. There is car parking available on Haddington Close next to St.Andrew’s School.
  4. Smoking is not permitted inside the buildings at any time.
  5. Ball games, other than table tennis, are not permitted in the hall.
  6. Air rifles and/or heavy-duty sports or similar equipment are not allowed anywhere on the premises.
  7. No fittings, notice boards, or any furniture may be fixed to the structure without the consent of the Parochial Church Council.
  8. Sellotape, Blu-tac or similar sticky material and/or drawing pins must not be used to attach notices or decorations to any part of the structure. If you require an area for notices or displays, please contact the Hall Administrator.
  9. If music is to be played in the hall, recorded or live, prior arrangement must be made with the Hall Administrator.
  10. Equipment requiring the use of electric power, or any unusual apparatus, e.g. a bouncy castle, is not permitted anywhere on the premises without permission from the Hall Administrator.
  11. Alcoholic drinks may not be sold on the premises, and can only be made available at functions with prior permission from the Hall Administrator.
  12. Cooking is permitted in the kitchen area only, using the appliances provided. The kitchen must be thoroughly cleaned and tidy after use.
  13. The use of any type of fireworks inside or outside the buildings or anywhere on the premises is forbidden.
  14. Social events must conclude by 10pm.
  15. Heaters, lights and taps must be turned off before the building is vacated.
  16. Because of the residential nature of the area, the volume of amplified music should be moderated and users leaving the building in the late evening are asked to do so quietly.
  17. Spillages must be cleared and all floors must be swept. Please leave the hall clean and tidy. All litter and rubbish must be removed from the hall and external areas and disposed of by the hirer.
  18. Damage to the building, furniture, fittings or equipment should be reported, and all hall users will be held responsible for such damage.
  19. The Parochial Church Council cannot accept responsibility for personal injury, however caused, or the loss or damage to property of users or visitors to the hall.
  20. The Parochial Church Council reserves the right to refuse or cancel any booking at its absolute discretion.