Applying for a local faith school

Dear Parents & Carers, 


Whether you’re new to St. Andrew’s or you’ve been part of the church for a while this is where to find all the information you need about applying for a place at one of the local primary & secondary faith schools.

Some of the schools ask for a certain level of attendance to apply for a faith based place, others ask you to simply indicate the level of church attendance and we’ve laid out all these differences in the ‘individual schools’ section.

Please feel free to come and ask any questions or contact us and also please do come and introduce yourselves if we’ve not properly met.

Finally, despite all this Church isn’t about registers and forms. Our vision at St. Andrew’s is to be a church who KNOW, FOLLOW and SHARE Jesus in our community; he's at the heart of all we do.

Whatever your background, beliefs or situation, we pray that at St. Andrew’s you’ll have the opportunity to hear about and meet with him.

Every blessing,

Dan Henderson  (Associate Vicar)

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How it all works

All the faith schools in Brighton and Hove include the necessary form in their application packs. 

Each year we will remind you of the return dates for the school forms during services and in the notice sheet. Please fill in as much of the form as you can and return it to the church office. After collating the forms we will then be in contact. All forms that we sign will be returned to the schools.

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Individual school requirements


ST. ANDREW’S - link to school's admissions page
St Andrew's CE Primary is our linked school and we enjoy a close relationship. We provide pastoral support and regularly welcome the children here to worship. We also regularly share social events together and enjoy the community that brings with it- it's wonderful watching the children starting reception with many friends in the older years to say hello!

The St. Andrew’s school form asks for regular attendance where regular is defined as ‘at least twice a month for a minimum period of two years immediately prior to applying’.

ALDRINGTON - link to school's admissions page
There’s no set attendance on the Aldrington School form. They ask us to specify your attendance using these categories: Weekly, Twice a month, Monthly, Occasionally or Annually, and for how long this has been the case. Aldrington also asks if families are involved in other aspects of the church beyond Sunday services.

KING’S - link to school's admissions page 
The King’s School form also asks for regular attendance where regular is defined as ‘fortnightly for at least two years at the closing date of the applications’.

CARDINAL NEWMAN - link to school's admissions page
The form for Cardinal Newman asks us to give a baptism or dedication date for your child if they have one. For this we’ll need a photocopy of the certificate. Newman’s form asks us to specify attendance as either: weekly to 3 times a month, Once or twice a month or Less than once a month. Please note that while the other schools ask about the attendance of parents/carers, Newman only ask about your child’s attendance.

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